Visual Communication

Visual solutions to see complex things clearly

Good to know is worth seeing! I create visual solutions through meaningful graphic design that communicates your information in an understandable and concise way. Exclusively crafted visualizations that get to the heart of your message and convincingly clarify the issue at hand. Whether animated or static, digital or printed, a versatile range of media transports your context to the desired audience. Visual communication adds value to your work through increased presence and attention, as well as functionality and effectiveness.

Kaffee Anbau botanik biologie

Scientific Visualization

How do things come into being, or how are they put together? How do they complement each other and what do they do? Convincing visualizations of facts and data, visions and the inexplicable usually make information comprehensible. Meaningful visualization as a medium and basis for communication is a valuable component of successful knowledge transfer.

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Instructional Design

Understanding how things work. Preparing information and instructions according to normative and legal requirements for labels, packaging, or instructions for use.

Effective e-learning provides a varied learning experience with illustrated, interactive and animated content. Your audience is guided step by step to the learning objective.

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Visual Communication

Present information in a visually credible and attractive way. An appropriate visual experience arouses curiosity, involves your audience, and convinces with expressiveness. Target audience-appropriate design, emotional identification, and increased attention enrich the communication of your message.
The method of visual storytelling provides experiences that allow the context to be processed cognitively more efficiently. This in turn promotes understanding and remembering.


A selection of my latest works.

Road cycling climbing mountains autumn vector illustration
Cyclist – Aim High
key visual advertisement
European categorization of antibiotics used in animals to promote a responsible use for the protection of public and animal health.
Sunny Winter sports Vector Illustration
Skiing in the Swiss Alps: The first carving turns in the morning on the freshly prepared and grippy slope.
silhouette vector illustration of animals, gras, mountain
Goats at dawn
Graphical vector visualization that illustrates the stages of fishes to overcome natural obstacles
Upstream Fish Migration: Visualization that illustrates the stages of fishes to overcome natural obstacles.