Knowledge Visualization & Illustration

Design and Science in Synergy

As a scientific illustrator I transform facts into pictures. An effective design makes text-heavy information appear attractive and leads to a formative visual experience that plays a decisive role in persuasion. Intermediary images increase attention and promote the viewer’s understanding. They encourage people to think along and intensify their engagement with the topic.

„Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone.“

William Albert Allard

The professional competence and the dialogue between the client and the designer are decisive factors for a successful visualization. Thanks to my professional experience in medical technology, I was able to acquire various knowledge and processes that are beneficial for the cooperation with the client.

Supported by the fascination for science, anatomy and physiology, I see my visualization competence especially in human and veterinary medicine. As an illustrator with a wide range of interests, I am also open to various other disciplines.