Visual Communication

Visual storytelling to see complex things clearly

Appealingly presented and easy to understand visual communication. Appropriately designed visualizations are essential for conveying facts. Specifically created visuals get to the heart of the message, making complex topics visually perceptible. As a visual basis for discussion, visualizations promote dialog and thus the transfer of knowledge.

You have higher demands on communication and want more than to reflect a situational reality with a photo? I can support you in this. To facilitate cognitive processing, I transform your information into models and schematic representations. With meticulousness, I design solutions that tell a visual story. Simplified and clear.

Scientific Visualization

What are things made of? How are they connected to each other, and what do they trigger? Illustration, as a solution approach, can efficiently clarify many such issues. Thanks to insightful visualizations, even facts that are difficult to explain become comprehensible. Visually perceived facts and data or visionary ideas open up new possibilities in your communication.

Instructional Design

Sometimes it is crucial to understand how something works. For this to succeed, we must prepare information in such a way that it meets the didactic requirements. Using proven methods significantly supports effective communication with the user. Therefore, graphic design, visualizations and animations play a central role as functional information carriers.

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Visual Communication

Attractively presented and well-structured information has a motivating effect and arouses curiosity. Therefore, visual experiences are crucial so that the target audience can identify with the design. They promote the cognitive processing of information and thus also understanding and remembering. Visual communication is the effect of the consistent design of the complete result.

Services and core competencies

My service is based on the supplied information and its transformation into visual experiences.


A selection of my latest artworks.

Seeing and thinking differently

Get more detailed information about this project on my Behance profile.

Corkscrew stagings
European categorization of antibiotics used in animals to promote a responsible use for the protection of public and animal health.
Skiing in the Swiss Alps: The first carving turns in the morning on the freshly prepared and grippy slope.
Cyclist – Aim High
Goats at dawn
Upstream Fish Migration: Visualization that illustrates the stages of fishes to overcome natural obstacles.
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