Are we talking about the same thing?

How we imagine something is a purely subjective process. Statements, therefore, trigger many individual visions, which laces expectations that are laborious to rectify. What if you could already show your audience a meaningful visualization to talk about the same thing?

Learning something completely new is usually most difficult at the beginning. This is sometimes due to the fact that no recognition can take place due to a lack of thematic connecting points. In order to provide fertile ground here, visualizations and illustrations are ideal methods for generating such connecting points. Competently used visual material stimulates thinking. It stimulates both our memory and our imagination. After all, visually perceived things are access points to existing knowledge. As for reading aids, they serve contextual orientation, the processing of new information, and thus promote the development of know-how.

Illustrations and visualizations are versatile. Either to communicate innovations or complex processes or to point out problems, to make own visions, concepts, and findings accessible to others, to reconstruct history or to simulate situations. Key visuals or graphical abstracts play a central role. They idealize and abstract the core message with the intention of supporting the reader’s understanding.

Illustrations do not always have to meet didactic requirements and can also enrich a topic as mood images for editorial purposes. In this case, they have a primarily emotional effect to generate the desired attention.

Medical- and Surgical Visualization

Two surgical methods to stabilize lumbar vertebral fracture luxations in cats

Klinik für Kleintierchirurgie – Tierspital Zürich, Vetsuisse-Faculty, University of Zurich

Vector illustrations made on behalf of Dr med vet Patricia Beer – clinic for small animal surgery of Zurich.

Medical illustrations created for a scientific publication “Biomechanical comparison of ex vivo lumbar vertebral fracture luxations stabilized with tension band or polymethylmethacrylate in cats”. Made during my employment at Vetcom.

Vitrectomy of the dog’s eye

Dept. of Ophthalmology at the Vetsuisse-Faculty, University of Zurich

Medizinische Illustrationen für den Ophthalmologie Beitrag von Dr. Med. Vet. Katrin Voelter zum Thema Vitrektomie beim Auge des Hundes.
Visualization of a surgical technique made for the Vetsuisse-News article “Blind gleich blind?” during my employment at Vetcom. Weblink.

Blinding Trachoma Treatment

Institute of Veterinary Pathology, University of Zurich

Pathology graphical abstract by Pascal Glatzfelder
Graphical Abstract made for a scientific publication “Water-Filtered Infrared-A-Radiation (wIRA) – Novel Treatment Options for Chlamydial Infections?” during my employment at Vetcom. For the purpose of representation at congresses, I also realized scientific posters according to CI/CD specifications.

Human Anatomy


Institute of Primary Health Care (BIHAM), University of Bern

Young Sonographers: 32 visualizations made for 13 Sonography e-Learnings.

Entomological Illustration

Red Wood Ants: Reduced graphical illustration of body and limbs.
Blue Head Moth: Vector reconstruction – personal feasibility study made in close collaboration with the Natural Museum of Solothurn.
golden digger wasp dorsal view male and female
Golden Digger Wasp
Differentiation of the sex by showing the visual identification features. Self-initiated: made in close collaboration with the Natural Museum of Solothurn.

Animal Portrait Graphic

Rupicapra color low poly vector illustration
Chamois: Vector low-poly study


Vector Illustration Formula 1 Motorsport Retro Reconstruction of Fangio
Legendary Formula 1
vector illustration winter sports medals

Natural Science


Laubbläser Karikatur
Leaf blowers are considered noisy and harmful to the environment. The use of leaf blowers destroys the natural habitats of animals and has negative effects on human and animal health by raising dust and dirt that is contaminated with microbes.
vector Fashion illustration
The ambivalence of human nature – What’s the sweetness of Life?

Traditional Artwork

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